Tooltip dfescription not good

good versus heavy iunfatanry particulary in meele?
why is better than range? because it has faster attack? despite faster attaack the .20 melee resistance of heavy infatery make sudaneses melee attack better tnah his ranged atack?
Sudanesses always atack meele despite atacking from volely mode

Hi @matazombis4087 !

Our team thinks that the tooltip is ok. Thanks for your report!

IIRC, that unit does melee damage at range, so the heavy infantry melee armor applies to both the at range and melee attacks, therefore, the faster melee attack yields more overall damage than the slower ranged attacked.

ok ill calculate it
and see how muchdiference is

its more letal versus heavy infantery PARTICULARY when is enoguh close to it dealing 14 damage x 1.75 bonus x=24,5. x .8 = 19,.6
each 1.2 seconds
because this is the way the unit deals more damage
NOT in melee
24.5 x 2 *.8= 40 REAL damage each 2.5 seconds
while atacking meele to heavy infatery deals
14x 3 ( rate of fire 1 each 3 secs) = 42
42 x .80 (musketeer resistance and common resistence of heavy infantery) = 33…6 REAL damage

sudanes is PARTICULARY LETHAL when atacking very nearby but not in meele to heavy infantery

tooltip should say: good agaisnt heavy infantery, particularly atacking in volley mode nearby

my english it not the best, but you got the idea about when this unit is particulary lethal

also the speed of 4.75 probably would kill the enemy heavy infantery before they flee

image showing the rate of fire of sudanes, in his most lethal position to kill heavy infantery

your math is off

the only variable that changes with the dervish is the attack speed since it has the same base attack in melee and at range and also always deal melee damage.

so at the range you show in the image its dps is
(141.750.8)/1.16 = 16.89 dps

in melee its
(141.750.8)/1=19.6 dps

so the dervish always has higher dps when attacking in melee, always

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so instead of hit and run i should just make them run to the heavy infatery no?

depends if you are outnumberd, then kiting might be the solution.

If you want to kill them as fast as possible, then attack move every second while moving forward to maximise attack speed and then engage in melee. Its a very microable unit.

The closer they get the more they attack so the more you attack while closing the distance the more damage you get.

strelets are not profit versus them right?

yeah strelet would not do well since dervish deal melee damage