Tooltips are both useless and essential at the same time

Tooltip is that little black box that appears on the bottom left on the screen when you hover over pretty much anything in the game.
The information that it displays can sometimes be insultingly trivial, the likes of “use right click to move this unit” WTF
However, it also crucially displays the prices of technologies. We all know loom is 50 gold, but did Crenelations cost stone? Is herbal medicine cheap? Did you know that masonry costs food and wood? The list goes on…
I play without tooltips because I find them very annoying and I sometimes lose games because I can’t get certain techs that I thought I could with my current amount of resources.
The request is therefore, can we have a decent tooltip box that only shows tech prices but no actual tips?
Thank you.


Whenever the devs do something stupid, there is a modder who fixes the issue :wink:

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Except that this mod doesn’t work, at least for everyone.