Top AOE2 players and technical stress test

Does anyone know if any of the top AOE2 players played the stress test? I didn’t see any uploads from the likes of Viper or Hera etc…

If you go back and scroll down a bit there is literally a post right there with feedback from 5 of the top players.

it was starcraft players


Yeah, just noticed. In any case, FWIW potato = potato. It’s still feedback from RTS pros.

They were playing the biggest aoe2 tournament in LAN in gernamy, dont expect anything soon from them, maybe the next BETA.

I heard Viper and Hera : “AoE4 is not competitive, nice game for casuals”. That’s all for now

Oh wow, that’s pretty brutal lol

They did not say that in a “brutal” way. I did not see brutal words from top 10 pros for now. Its just their honest opinion

Well a huge aoe2 tournament was going on at the same time.

Where did you hear that? The one time I heard Viper talk about it he was vague, but positive.

Did Viper actually say that? I thought Viper was excited for the game.

They have a community council during the development of the game which most likely include Viper. And does it even matter if they don’t like the game, I have never held them in high regard tbh.

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He did, though he wasn’t able to play it and is going to give it a shot regardless. Same with Hera, he hasn’t played the game at all (viper has played a little bit, he said he played 3-4 games in the closed beta which means he didn’t play versus anyone decent and hadn’t played in over a year before that closed beta test).

I had similar concerns before playing. After playing a bunch, I do see potential for a competitive scene personally but my opinion on this could change pretty quickly depending how the game is being played shortly after launch.

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AOE4 play style is very different than AOE2, AOE2 players are going need to take lots of time to adjust. Not a big surprise they don’t like it when thier skill cant directly transfer and do well.

The list of top players are mostly SC2, AOE online and AOM players. Which the play style is more similar.


I am an average AoE2 player, not bad but not great, and I still felt at some point after playing for several hours that the oversimplification of mechanics was making the game a bit boring. I don’t think this game will be a thing for competitive play. I am positive people like this will get bored of it after 6 months and will only return for new civs.

What I dislike the most is that they didn’t go for an “easy to learn, hard to master” approach, but rather dumbed down most of the mechanics, be it combat or macro, without leaving much for high level play. They are targeting only casual players and newcomers to the game, at the detriment of competitive players.

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They were in a tournament lol.

They were however part of the council and helped design Aoe IV.

Im pretty sure he’s wrong about the Viper quote.

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Well the top AoE2 players, as well as most content creators and viewers DID NOT play the beta because the AoE4 beta was “conveniently” placed during the biggest AoE2 tournament of the year, RedBull Wololo 5.
So yeah, call it conspiracy theory or whatever but I think they made it happen that way because they knew AoE2 pros would slam AoE4 for being an average entry in the series.


Quite the conspiracy theory you have there lol


Well dont you keep an eye on this forum 24/7 to catch any ruthless fallacies that might harm poor baby AoE4 in any way?

no cause they all were playing the biggest aoe tournament ever at that time of the stress test. thanks MS for that ideal planning, hurting both the tournament and the beta :smiley: