Top players complaints AoE2 DE

It works for me. I can enable and disable it in settings too. So this is a technical issue on your side.

Don’t try to uninstall it though, don’t risk it. Even reinstalling Windows from scratch cannot bring it back, that’s about as not a technical issue as it gets. Enjoy it while you have it!

Thing is, my friend, that first: no mistake is justified by the other. If you pay for a product and meet the requirements to consume it you have the right to do so. What is happening on this game post launch is that many people paid for a game that won’t work. And second: you have a beta tester tag and should know if you were on this forums before the launch that many of the issues that came with the game release were long and detailed reported from beta users. The most popular topic around there was a topic asking for a delay on the launch for better improvements to a final version on the launch. There were a heavy consensus around this among all testers. There is no excuse to the game being launched on that state.


I even cannot uninstall it through apps nor MS store. It’s also listed as dependency of Phoenix package.

It’s probably still cached in your C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder. If you want to reregister that should be possible through powershell.

I play without EGP enabled anyway, more zoom available.

Yeah I’ve tried all of the powershell tricks but no dice. On my 3240x2160 I want to be able to zoom in further, but can’t without it. Thanks :slight_smile:

This whole situation reminds me of the release of Rome II Total War and how much people were rightfully focused on bugs and pathfinding issues (I mean… there were boats sailing through solid ground). I think that the TW game fared well nonetheless and became a commercial success, which is, afterall, its main purpose. Barely anyone is streaming it on Twitch nowadays, however, and that is quite telling.

AoE2 DE has a few issues, to say the least. The game crashed on me several times… On and off stream, on and off multiplayer gaming. I had lags like I never experienced before while playing with friends living in the same country (and we used to play together on HD). The multiplayer platfrom despite its cool matchmaking system doesn’t rival what Voobly has to offer in terms of lobby browsing, player profiles checking and spectating. The new civs are quite overpowered and the game balance is off. And I’m not even a pro-player nor a pro-caster. They spot much more issues and most of them are complaining, if not openly, at least through veiled comments, from ZeroEmpire to T90Official, from MbL to TheViper. All in all, I’m almost sad that I relinquished my right as a consumer to withold my money and wait for the game to be better. The shareholders must be happy, though…

Now the questions are: is AoE2DE to be more than a marketing tool to build the hype around AoE4? Is AoE2DE to be more than a commercial success only? Is AoE2DE to be the great unifying tool for the AoE2 community? Those need to be addressed at the highest level of the studio. Either the AoE2 community gets back within the fold of Microsoft, or it continues to live outside of it, on its own, as it has done for so many years. However, Microsoft would be passing a great opportunity here.


Fair enough. I’ve really enjoyed the AoE2:DE games I’ve played so far and haven’t noticed these things… or they haven’t been too big of deal for me; so am glad it came out with warts and all. I’m sure they squashed a lot of bugs during the alpha and beta phases, but it’s hard to get rid of 100% of them. Obviously, a launch delay would have helped get rid of more, but since I’ve had fun with the game so far, I’m okay and pleased it came out when it did. (I prefer single-player random vs. AI, though, rather than online multiplayer.) Everyone’s mileage will vary with a game and launch issue, for sure!

I hope the high importance and critical issues get resolved soon for everyone who needs these things!

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The Critics Are Never Kind

Delaying release wouldn’t have changed one bit of that fact.

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Put it on github and let the community contribute to the codebase and the game will see heights it has never seen before. I also think the DE versions are just a pre-warming to AOE4. Microsoft will only gain popularity for the aoe franchise by opening the code of aoe2 to the community. This will be the best strategy going into aoe4.


That sadly seems unrealistic, but would be fantastic. There are projects however that try to re-implement the game engine as open source, for example OpenAge. The only problem with those is that they tend to never get finished because there aren’t enough developers who can spend their spare time on them.


Viper are 2 hours complaining about a choppiness, pathing, performance etc here

Its just an example. Hes complained in other time too.
All examples above together is a big reason for developers to take all power and fix all bugs


You’re forgetting that Microsoft doesn’t have a monopoly on AoE2.
People can play just fine on Voobly.
Maybe that’s what Microsoft wants so they have less server costs until they can fix things.

Well put! this game as the 2013 game and the 1999 version is my favorite game for all the franchise and it make me sad if they just made this new version to sell a broken game, but for what i see the game need to pass for a long time fixing the problems!

There´s no question that this game to become the best game of the franchise, it´s beautiful, it´s organized remaded and when they fix all the problems who happens now(i think because they recently start to sell) this game can be the next generation of a RTS competitive in a large championship and to be the next generation of games to conquer the space from Dota, Lol, Fortnite, etc…

I hope they fix all of this in the previus future, because i love this game and want the best for him