Top priority for Balance

Koreans: team bonus includes Scorpions too

Incas: Villagers are only affected by Infantry defence upgrades and Squires.

Vietnamese: Archery range units +20% HP changed to Foot archer units (including Skirmishers) +25% HP. Rattan Archers base HP changed to 36 and 44 (actually a buff to Rattan Archers). Overall a nerf to Cavalry Archers.

This will be removed of course, but other old bonuses should be back

I respect that study, but I think it dodges the important questions. Franks win rates are high and this is statistically significant, no doubt about that. I think we can say with high confidence that if someone picks Franks in a random ladder match, then there is 55% probability of winning for the Frank player, and if I was asked to bet my money on it, I would indeed bet on Franks.

Now, my question for you is: does a statistcally significant high winrate actually prove that Franks are stronger than other civs in the top 10.

In particular, if (statistically significant high winrate + pickrate) => (civ is stronger), how do you explain that Chinese are nothing special on the ladder even though it is widely accepted that they are at least as strong as Franks.

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And Franks need this nerf! It is not that big as you think, it only horse collar, but heavy plow and the other upgrade still free

Nah man, Cumans really need this, at least the speed bonus and TC build time reduction

How will this help? The second TC build speed thing is useful sure, but this isn’t why the civ is weak, and the cavalry speed bonus is just pointless, I’d rather get an actual civ bonus than free husbandry.

please do fully read posts before replying, I explained in my previous post why that is a big deal actually

You don’t know how this bonus could help them by going CA. Imagine a castle age CA with 15% speed, it will be really good for Cumans, especially with Kipchaks

mmm let me check, Cumans had 10% faster cavalry and Husbandry at release, that was one of the broken aspects of this civ, and the Khmer BEs moved 15% and was a huge issue for team games despite being a much slower and expensive UU.
So yeah your smart suggestion ends up being broken.

No you didn’t get it, i mean by castle age they will have 15% speed, which only +5% above other civs

Bruh even Knights with 15% extra speed is broken in team games, you outrun everything lol
Oh and Kipchaks would end up being too fast.
There’s more, the Cumans light cavalry would be just too oppresive.

The civ needs an actual gameplan. It doesn’t have a diverse enough tech tree to be a generalist like Byz or Japs, but also doesn’t really have a clear gameplan as to what it’s play is meant to be.

Then their speed bonus is completely useless, +5% speed only in imp is so stupid, they will not be broken by +5% speed, you already counter CA with ranged units (skirms) and knights with camels or pikes, it is not a big problem

This why i suggested to give them +10% speed in castle instead of +5% castle, +5% imp

In team games sure everyone loves to use skirms and camels

But this literally doesn’t address any of the issues I’ve mentioned about the civ, I’d much rather NOT have this bonus, get the ability to research husbandry, and get an actual civ bonus in its place. Same with the siege workshop bonus.

Who cares about team games?! Team games already broken! Give me a real reason why they would be broken in TGs by +5% speed?!

And what do you want to give them? What they lack?!

Heavy Camel. Be willing to sacrifice whatever bonuses it takes

So you mean Cumans aren’t good vs cav civs?! But they have halbs and Camels even without heavy camel, which means they can deal with any cav civ especially in castle age and they are already a cav civ with FU paladin, so?

Halbs are great yes but they’re not able to chase down cavalry/force fights, but I’d say that CA, Mangudai etc. in Imp is a huge threat to Cumans, just not really any good way to deal with it right now. Regular camels don’t do nearly as well in Imp