Total Pop smaller than Villager Count?

I played a 2v2 the other day and resigned while being raided. A few moments later my teammate resigned aswell. As I looked at the status bar at the top after the game had finished, I noticed that my total pop was 84, but my villager count was 86. Negative Miltiary count?
I think two villagers might have been killed the at same time my team mate resigned and the counter for the overall pop has been updated while the villager counter has not been updated. But then I don’t get the total idle villagers counter (81!?).

Have anybody noticed anything similar before?
Here is the link to the game on AoE2Insights:, NoTrickPony vs Alotar, El_Naco 2v2 - ranked RM Team - AoE2 Insights

Have you played as Bengalis?

Nope, I played Hindustani :woman_shrugging:

Have you converted some stuff like for example bengali villagers?

I had no conversions the entire game. I played Hindustanis and my team mate Mongols. The opponents played Mongols and Cumans. So no civ boni involved here afaik