Tower and TC rework gave French insane buff

Seriously, French is OP AGAIN.

Now with a 15 pop count for TC, it makes villager loss to early french knight rush that much easier.

Just had 3 games in a row where it was early french knight harass and no way to counter. It’s easier for knights to kill under TC with five less arrows and easier to kill villagers as you have 5 more villagers in danger with no protection.


French knights are way too strong, should be moved to age 3.

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Yeah let’s remove every special thing about every civilization and make them more symmetric over time.

Learn to deal with those knights rather than ask for making each civ less unique.
And your not suppose to win every scenario, thats ok.


While i agree with your statement, I find it oh so very ironic coming from the person who wants team games to be less unique instead of learning how to deal with the changes lol

The change made to team games in my opinion are worse and just removes any real consequences for not defending your base, but also making the opponent who does so successfully less rewarded for his/her efforts and that removes certain strategies from the game.

Now whether you like that strategy or not it’s one thing, but it makes the game less interesting in my opinion and more longer fights especially against the AI were the issue is the greatest as they keep rebuilding each others bases, but also against players who will learn to use this in a way that will make specifically 3v3/4v4 games stale and unnessasary long.

I understand that base sniping was a issue as well, but I beleive there is a better common ground than this current change they have implemented. There has to be a way to punish the player that lost all of it’s landmarks in a way, but still let them be in the game and assist their allies until they can repair the lost landmarks up again.

Perhaps a cooldown on when you can repair them? Or that they repair them but at a slower speed to allow time for the opponent to counter attack it? While all the landmarks are lost, you shouldn’t be able to produce new units in the same way either otherwise you can just stay behind allied walls and regroup with new armies without the need to rebuild the landmarks.

Or perhaps you have let’s say X amount of minutes to rebuild 1-2 landmark or else you are out of the game. Just spreading ideas here.

I hope they take it to consideration because I know it can become even better than now.

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these are all points I agree with - and if this was your opinion in the other thread, i would have supported you there.

In terms of this thread/op, there really isn’t much more to say other than practice. French is tough, but not impossible. They literally only have one strat lol

You forgot that the hardened spearmen upgrade is cheaper and faster now which helps immensely against that pesky early knight harass.

Also, french winrate dropped significantly this patch.


Maybe learn to kill villagers ?
There is no way to come vack if you lose 90 percent of your villlagers…

Its classic triple nerf. Buff rams, nerf hp, nerf fire rate nerf garison slots etc. Why can’t they find a balance?

French win rate is 50.1% so they seem to be fine. I don’t get the constant blaming of the french. Just build spearmen on every villager spot and problem is pretty much solved…

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Ram didn’t realy get buff tbf. They get buff but the auto target from TC is imensly strong against ram push.

Ram are still pretty trash and are mostly use when game is over.

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