Tower elephants improvement idea

Tower elephants need some love. We dont want them OP again… but we want to see them thrive. Here are some ideas that can invigorate the unit YET not break it.


  1. Give tower elephants by default 7 range. This would make these mobile longbows deadly at range and against non cav units as the tower elephant range armor would make it virtually immune to counter range OR be able to our range/maneuver slower units like MMA jans standard archers ans crosbows. But bc this unit already cost 1000 resources it will still be costly if a swarm of spears or cav force a surround. This persevere legit counter but makes this elephants more worth its cost especially early castle.

  2. Split up the howdah buff into 2 buffs; a castle age crossbow additional dmg but only giving +9 bonus vs heavy in castle. Then in age 4 giving a separate tech that gives the +30% hp +5 range armor and the remaining crossbow bonus. As is howdah is an amazing buff BU# ## comes into effect waaaaaay too late.

  3. This idea is my favorite… aoe3 had an effect the explorer elephants had a chance to stun all units within a certain melee range. It would pay homage to Aoe3 AND be super effective if BOTH elephants tusk dmg had a reasonable rate of stunning units in a cone or circle around the elephant. Heck it would work perfectly fine if it was merely an effect that occurred during charge/inital tusk dmg—this way it could be planned. This way part of the mini game would be the enemy trying to avoid the elephants charge meanwhile you’re trying to time it.

Further ways the stun could be HUGE

  • mangonel shots
    -pincer (elephants stun melee come in an surround)

Lastly there are a few different kind of stun implementations. The aoe3 was a complete incapacitation but you could just use the current one in game done by spearwall vs cav.