Tower rush and defensive buildings buff in patch

"Defensive buildings no longer prioritize enemy buildings over units"

I think this balance change is the reason Korean towers were nerfed a bit in exchange of the turtle ship buff. With the old towers range, this balance change would have been an over buff for them.

However, this balance change also affects other civs, and the standard tower rush:

  • Towers in tower rushes now attack units before enemy towers. So the counter-towers also attack enemy villagers instead of one random tower. But the rushing towers also attack defending villagers before a random mill. Beware tower rushing…
  • The douching TC also attacks villagers before the enemy TC (so be careful to set an ungarrison point in the opposite direction).
  • Kreposts spam can do better map control
  • Crenellation Teuton Castles do better map control, especially with free murder holes, so they attack their enemies below instead of a random enemy house.
  • Artillery Turk Bombard Towers also do better map control
  • Portuguese cannot use bombard towers as siege replacement (lol) the same as before (it was very circumstantial, but funny)

Some of these changes are not significant if you are careful and micro your units accordingly, like during a tower rush or a Persian douche, but I think it is a good QOL change for defensive civs.