Tower "war" elephants, and war elephants dont scale in imperial

Currently i find that war elephants WE and tower “war” elephants TWE are extremely nish in their use. (mainly usable in early castle age). All and all a very weak unit that suffers a lot from mobility. I could go on on a in-depth analysis but the issue above is one that I feel should be beyond a matter of opinion.Asuming equal blacksmith upgrade (notice bsmth doesen’t affect TWE attack) we can se that:

Castle age
TWE: 960 hp 4 armor → Archer: 7 dmg → 320 shoots to kill a TWE
Archer: 80 hp → TWE 13 dmg → 6 shots

Imperial age:
TWE: 960 hp 4 armor → Archer 8 dmg- > 240 shoots to kill a TWE

Imperial age (with university &bsmt)
TWE 1152 hp 7 armor → Archer 13 dmg → 192 shoots
Archer 95 hp 3 armor → TWE ranged atack 12-> 8 shoots

TWE: have 60% the EHP (effective hp) in imperial with upgrades and archers have 133% EHP versus the TWE ranged attack. Thoughts? outrage? I wont do the same analysis for the WE but we would se a similar issue there too.