Towers and somewhat keep seems very weak

Tower demage in this game is pretty weak without vill in it , 2-3 cav can easily dive and kill 2-3 vill before tower can kill them , right tower tower is more like a place to hide vill fast instead of actually defending stuff .

I think tower should be strong enough to scare player for diving deep . To balance , might increase its cost for civ other than mangols , but make them strong enough to defend small raids .

5-6 pike or cav can destroy a tower and kill all 5 vill inside .

Same goes with keep , their attack is also weak , they don’t do enough demage to change the outcome of fight , when a opponent dive under keep . May give keep some aoe

Also it will be better if u can manually target units with building , right now , ram attack is so strong , becoz u can’t chabge building attack from high range armour ram to other supporting troops .


Yeah, towers in tech stress were nearly pointless. Opponent had 3 or 4 scouts/cavalry early in game and just ran freely through my town pestering my villagers for 5 minutes with hit-and-runs while I had 2 towers, then 3, then 4.

After crippling my economy with that, they eventually brought bigger and bigger armies. At no time did my 4 or 5 towers do much. Eventually they killed a few units, but they seemed mostly ineffective and a waste of resources and time. I even upgraded them


I agree, outposts could use a slight rework. Honestly they should let us re-upgrade defenses from arrow slit to springald to cannons. That way the outposts I built early on, could eventually become fitted with cannons and still serve a purpose. For keeps, all they need to do is slightly increase the range or decrease the cost.

That would be nice .

But also the main problem is opponent with 3-4 cav can move freely under towers and kill multiple vill , without much of problem . Their early game demage is very weak .

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Considering I normally have more then 5 vills on a mine, maybe they should raise the garrison amount to 10. Save the villagers and get more arrows.

This may be understood but I wanted to bring up that outposts do not fire arrows unless units are garrisoned inside. When I first played the game this took some getting used to because in all other Age games towers defend themselves without requiring an individual upgrade on each one.

Well they do fire arrow , but it’s demage is like tickle

Their damage is not a tickle but of course it will depend on the armour of the unit it’s firing at. They’re not very effective in damaging men-at-arms or knights but they work fine vs. spearmen, archers and horsemen. You can see them being used quite a bit in the Genesis tournament games to fend off early raids.

They use them to hide vill fast , if u r watching gensis reply , u know even 2-3 horseman can kill 2-3 vill diving towers .