Towers are near worthless after most recent patch

Prior to this week’s patch, I could (as the Chinese, if that’s relevant) build four towers along a wall + a castle + two repairing villagers and generally keep the hardest AI at bay.

I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about either lowering the armor of towers to infantry or siege equipment, but just about every time I built a tower, some group of 5 infantry would come along and just melt it like butter, so the point that they’re hardly worth their cost anymore.

Again, didn’t see anything in the patch notes about specifically weakening towers, so I’m not sure what changed, but towers are near-worthless as even a mild defensive tool now. Please either increase their armor significantly against non-siege units (and slightly against siege units) or decrease the other units’ strength in attacking them because it’s out of balance right now.

Thank you!

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I noticed it too. Wall towers just melt to infantry. They used to withstand much more damage prior the update.

Is it spears specifically? Might be that the bonus damage given to spears against knights is somehow affecting buildings as well…

It was most noticeable immediately after building them in the second age and that’s when the AI tends to go heavy on spearmen. But then again, spears are used pretty consistently throughout, so it’s hard to differentiate spears vs other infantry offhand. I’ll see if I can’t test it out over more games this evening.