Towers Don't accept shift+queue attack orders 5.0.8324.0

I try to shift queue everything but the rams, and the tower will just shoot the last person I clicked and switch to the shift queued before even killing him

Hey @Ultimaetus! Would you be willing to explain more fully what you are pointing out here?

Maybe something like this: You’re building a Siege Tower, and then queuing attack orders for multiple units. If you shift-queue to attack 3 different units, it’s not following the correct order. So, for example, instead of going in order from queued attack order 1 then to 2, then to 3, it starts at 3, attacks for a bit, then goes back to 1.

Does that sound right?


in this case, I am holding shift when clicking attacks, and the outpost tower will simply change targets without killing its current target first. Say I am defending a ram push, the tower will always attack the closest enemy, the ram, so I want to queue up all his soft targets instead. The tower will not queue them up and simply attack the last target you clicked, then resume auto acquiring its next target after the last one you click dies.

In the video I am holding shift for all attack commands.

Got it! Thanks!

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