Town Bell - Villagers Garrisoned in Houses?

One interesting thing that I noticed by watching the trailer and didn’t see it mentioned somewhere was how the English villagers seem to respond to what’s probably the sound of the Town Bell.

We can see them moving massively and in a row to the insides of the English town so I assume this could be a gameplay reaction of them.

1)They seem to be running in panic instead of just walking casually. Could that mean that raiding vills maybe won’t be that easy from now on?

2)They get past and ignore the building that we assumed is probably the Town Center (the one with the bell in the middle) and keep going forward towards somewhere else.

From another view of the English town it is made clear that the only thing towards the direction that the vills are taking is their housing zone.

Could that mean that -at least the English- villagers from now on will be running back and hiding inside their houses instead in the Town Center when the Bell is rang?