Town Center Damage

Town centers do way too little damage to knights before defense upgrades. Even with 20 Villagers inside 10 knights can destroy the entire economy. I think that is fine as long as those knights have defense upgrades.

That’s because knights have too much armor

Yea they should definetly nerf their base armor

Knights are supposed yo be powerful units and you need to make units to deffend.
Age2 knights still die quickly to tc fire. They become a problem on age3, but by them you have access to crossbows, keeps and you can still use spearman to deffend.
Nerfing their base armor will make them ineffective for their cost.

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I see knights and men as very early attack options in the games, potentially preceding even rams.

But sticking to the OP; 10 Knights costs 1000 gold 1400 food, That’s a hefty chunk of change even for the castle age, if the defender cant rip out a few relatively cheap spears or a wood wall of some other tool to deal with them at the 15 20 min mark point they are extremely far behind and its actually better for pacing that their end can come quickly via knight raids.

On to the next match.

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3 Knights cost more than a TC, so yeah they are supposed to disrupt your eco if you have 10 of them running in your base.