Town Center selection Noise


I very much dont like the town center selection noise it is very loud and sounds like not good. I do not like. please someone explain to me how to remove this sound either from the game files or with a mod thank you.

Please dont tell me to change my sound settings in game it is specifically only this one sound that is to loud and also terrible at any volume. I do not want to turn my game sound down any lower.


Is this the same sound that happens when you click the icon to build a villager, and several other things? If so, yes, please swap it for a far-less aggravatingly loud and boomy sound, or decrease the volume by 90%, or preferably both.

If it is a different sound than the villager sound, I’m still on your side. There are a number of loud and in-your-face obnoxious sounds that I wish were far more subtle, delicate, and respectful of our ears.

Games really should do a better job of letting us customize our audio experience in the Options menu. Especially for a game like this where you will hear the same sounds so many times (loud and repetitive battlehorn sound, I’m looking at you).

Yes exactly at least some one else thinks the same as I do about game sounds.

If someone could just tell me where the files are for the sounds I could just delete them or replace them with literally anything else and I would be so happy and great full

I checked resources/_common/sounds but that folders empty which is weird cuz I do the same thing with hd and at least there are some files in there although not the TC selection sound.

The unit creation sound used to be a short high pitched tactile sound, now it’s this bombastic bang same as the menu sounds. Fail.

Well im glad I participated in the forum community so I could have 2 people agree with me and then nothing be done about it.

One day ill understand why people chose to participate in human/community interaction

Pretty much all the new building sounds suck except castle and towers.

This issue has been raised before by myself and others. This whole DE has by far been my worst AOE2 experience ever, the amount of stress that came along with it is too much for a game.

As a fan of the game it’s hard to understand that they would consider many of these sounds improvements, to me it comes over purely as a marketing tool for new players. When you start comparing sound by sound you might start to get more and more frustrated about what they have done, so I stopped after a while.

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