Town Centers have uneven Line of Sight

Game Version: Any

Issue: Town Centers have uneven Line of Sight

While it’s not a major bug I think if it’s possible to fix it could have the smallest effect on early game scouting fairness and finding your sheep (just pray that fixing it doesn’t break other things).

In the screenshot all of the brown tiles have sheep on them, and all of them are an equal distance from the Town Center (so it’s perfectly symmetrical).

NOTE: This doensn’t happen with any other building, only the Town Center.

Also for whatever reason it does not happen to Chinese Town Centers.


Thank you for the report and for the investigation! I’ve written this up for the team to take a look, and will let you know if they need any additional information about the issue.

Thanks again!

This happens to gates as well though

Good point, I said TCs are only building with uneven LoS.

TCs and Gates probably have some things in common with their code.

When they fixed Gates vs Petards, Mangonels started doing more damage to TCs.

I hope a a new bug doesn’t pop up if this gets fixed.