Toxicity of ranked

Honestly, unless people say things like “kill yourself”, “I hope you get cancer”, or similar, I would just advise to mute and be done with it, we don’t need systematic punishment for people that are unfriendly.

They could introduce a system similar to overwatch, where you can rate your opponents and team mates. If you rate them positive you also get a small amount of points. But what is this supposed to do? Just a bit of motivation, for you to be nice, so you get a shiny award. In Overwatch you frequently get lootboxes based on that rating and you can also avoid players. You cant do that in AoE, and quite frankly its impossible to introduce. Otherwise Hoang wouldn’t find any games anymore.

The game is becoming more toxic every day.
I am 1400 player and GL HF is becoming rare…
trash talk not very common but when it happens you feel like an idiot for spending time with such low-lives
Because when you play with someone for 1 hour, you are spending your time with him. Its a social game.

ps lower elo is much more friendly in my opinion


Im a 1400 player myself, and i see GLHF in almost every game.
But even if not, I really don’t understand the sentiment of a lot of players that consider not saying “glhf” or “gg” any form of toxicity. If that’s your threshold, sure you will perceive the game as toxic, as will you any other game.
Sure trash talk, after you lose is not appreciated. It sucks, but as you said, it’s not very common. Learn to deal with it, ignore it and mute, and its okay. Trash talk after wins, I usually find quite amusing. Nothing more flattering, then when your opponent is convinced that you are smurfing, or tilted by the way you played.

Honestly I can’t talk much about team games, as I don’t see the appeal of playing it with randoms, and I can understand it being an issue there. But anything that’s just calling you a noob, or terms with a similar sentiment are best to just be ignored. Muting is the easiest to do and banning people for some mundane flaming is too harsh in my opinion.

In the chat for a stream I was watching last night, someone mentioned they got banned for walling in a teammate’s TC in a TG, so action is sometimes taken.

I think the reason for this is that the “win at all costs” people naturally gain rating compared to equally skilled players who prioritise more friendly play. That’s certainly what I found in driving games, where I got to a level where it seemed like the majority of players were willing to overtake in a way that would get them penalised in a real world race, so I just gave up. Top 2% was more rule abiding than top 0.2%.

I see some cause-and-effect there :slight_smile:

Has AOE2 DE become noticeably more toxic since it came out last year, in your perception?

Not AOE2, forums, in general, are less toxic than their games.

There are some obvious exceptions, but AOE2 isn’t one of them

Maybe, just maybe it has to do with the amount of disconnects, not getting the map you want, failed matchmaking producing unfair teams, people that lame, pick the same civ over and over because its S tier, matchmaking errors -4 and error 5 and the fact that Pathing is worse than ever…?

I dont know. But all of these issues certainly raises anger and humans are not famous for storing it well…
We haven’t had such high toxicity on Voobly for sure

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I don’t think COD players get too much DCs