[TRACKING] 36906: Disconnect within 5 Minutes of joining a Match


It happens about 10 mins every game.


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so as the title implies
when i try to play multiplayer i have to try several times to connect to multiplayer servieces and several other times to join a lobby just to get disconnected after 5 min of gameplay.
i bought the game like 2 days ago and still haven’t been able to play a single game.
my internet is fine, every other game is fine, it’s just Aoe II.
tried every solution on the forum and microsoft’s and still nothing.
i hope someone give’s me something just to fix this cuz i just want to play a game ONE game :frowning:

I was able to play a couple of matches yesterday without using VPN after the may 13 patch. Is this fixed or was it just luck?

are u sure there was a patch in this day??

Luck, I’d say.
I’m able to play using protonVPN only.

It looks like it wasn’t a patch at all - MB. It was just a server maintenance on the 13th, but I was still able to play. I’ll try to play some more and keep you guys posted.

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after weeks trying all the steps and solutions provided by the foruns and discord problems, i found a solution, call your network provider and ask for a Private IP .

i found out that enabling private IP , makes the conflict of IP’s of diferents Dynamics IP is crashing down during the crossplay. the server detecs 2 equals IP(that were randomly generated by both), and shut down it’s conection to the server by the conflict.

enabled private IP here, have been playing fews days without a single disconection problem

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A Private IP generate some cost?

it depends on your provider, here in Brazil there a price at the internet bill, something arround the equivalent at the worst price, 10 dollars by month

AudioSpy, qual o seu provedor de internet?


mas até onde sei, boa parte das empresas no brazil fazem uso de ip dinamico, só abrindo a aba de conf do seu roteador vc já consegue ver

I got the free version of protonVPN, but when i start the game, there is a message that i can not connect to steam. But when i disconnect from vpn i can connect to the multiplayer server and with steam. Can annybody help me?

I am connecting to multiple games after the last update. During the game, I get disconnected in 5-10 minutes. There is no problem with my connection on the computer.

Please help.

Hey! Just checking to see if this problem has been fixed…

Sadly, I see VPN’s are still the common workarounds

I know i’ll get flagged for non constructive, but I gave up around the 100-120 day mark

192 days it’s been since i’ve owned, and never gotten to play this game without Disconnecting

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JQ8i-7NjrKLEgQVUuIQ78gRWaWjWuaFB/view - Nov 27, 2019

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vf6nJ4Iqc6f8Z73Wda2ud9IDWE5aa57K/view - Jan 31, 2020

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QZ3ISt2TIL3Etq1mHcxhRZzzNQ6aRnbB/view - March 31, 2020

DxDiag.txt (115.0 KB)

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Here I am once again… So I was able to play some, but since yesterday, I’ve been getting disconnected at the 2-4 minute mark. Multiplayer is unplayable. I will log back in when the next patch comes and hopefully it will fix things just as @GMEvangelos promised us. My hopes are still up

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My 5 minute disconnect problem is gone after last patch :slight_smile: I would like to thank the developers for their care for the game and community :slight_smile: . This issue took its time, but at the end i am very happy to see they really listen to us. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: @GMEvangelos


Problem solve for me too. F.UCKING GREAT NEWS

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Since this problem began I was using my router in bridge mode which solved the disconnection issues for good. Now i’ve reverted it back to normal to test the new patch and so far no disconnects here.

Great news indeed.


Glad to hear last week’s maintenance and this week’s update is working for most people affected. I am going to close out this thread so we can distinguish new connectivity reports from the old, so please feel free to open a new thread if you are continuing to experience problems playing the game.

Game on!