Trade Card Game based on Age of Empires? Or MTG setting?

You know, most of us a “old time nerds” and love playing games. I myself really enjoy playing Magic The Gathering with friends and many other boardgames.
MTG is releasing a lot of sets with trademark settings like LOTR, Dr. Who, Marvel, Warhammer… they get to fish out some new players that enjoy those settings and also improve their games.

Would it be a great idea for Microsoft to create a TCG based on Age of Empires? There are a lot of fun stuff, including some “meme card”, like “Quick Wall”, showing a villager hammering the ground and making a huge Gate in front of a charging knight (lol!).
This could also turn into a set for MTG, and would be great, since there are a lot of campaign characters that would be really nice legendary creature, just as Techs could be instant or sorcery spells.

What do you guys and girls think?

I’d love that and a rerelease of the older AoK trading cards. I would also enjoy it if they made trading cards out of the AoE3 deck but only as collectables not as actual playing cards.

Wow I didnt know there was a Age of Kings trading cards. I will look into it!