Trade Carts Will Drop Gold if You Press Q and Hit a Trade Post

The title says it all. Using the trade hot key on a trade center will cause all of the carts to dump their gold and start heading towards the trade center.

Hey @IlDarthNacholI! Can you be more specific in what you are seeing. I’m not sure I understand.


Yeah, sure. I am going to a bit pedantic for clarity.

You can tell a trade cart to trade with a trade post by using the trade hotkey “Q.” When you do this the trade carts, as expected, head towards the trade post. However, if the trade cart has gold when you do this, the cart will head toward the trade post as if it never picked up any gold and the gold it had is no longer there. (This can’t be used as an infinite gold exploit because the gold is not deposited in the bank–it is just lost to the ether.) The money only disappears if you tell trade carts WITH gold to trade at a trade post. (So it only occurs if you press Q AND click the trade post with a gold encumbered trade cart.)

I would call this a bug, because trade carts, with all of the chaos, can stop pathing for various reasons. So its usually easier to select all trade carts hit → hit Q (or press the trade button manually) → select the trade post. At this moment you can lose several hundred precious coins for extra springalds or bombards.

I just realized the title had “Town Center” and not “Trade Post”. I meant the latter.

I’ve noticed it happens regarless using ‘Q’ or just right clicking. I was moving my trade carts out of harms way. After the area was safe for them to trade again all the carts carrying gold lost their gold when right clicking on neutral market. Was not able to send carts carrying gold to my own market to drop off the gold either. Was forced to have the carts start the trip from where they were, back to the neutral market to get ‘new’ gold.

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So, in other words, trade carts that currently have gold lose their gold when re-tasked to a new trade market. I’ve seen this in my games as well.


That is objectively worse. Thanks for sharing!

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Got it! Thanks all—appreciate the clarifications!