Trade Victory: Suggestion for a new Unranked Game Mode/Setting

Players have to fight for control of markets across the map. Once you control enough markets a timer runs down. Additionally all these market places are connected by a road on which a neutral trade cart travels. Every time the trade cart passes a market controlled by the player the player gets a certain amount of either wood, gold or food. Players can choose what resource they would like to collect in the market.

Game Setting: My previous described idea without the ability to win through controlling the markets.

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Or, the market has limited resources, when they run out, player who collected the most wins the game.

So like the trade routes in AOE3 ?

There already is King of the Hill as a victory condition requiring the control of a strategic location.

And the idea of a trade route requires making the trade route itself unbuildable which limits strategic options

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Technically the monument victory from aoe1.

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Sounds like aoe3. Not a fan of trade routes in general in aoe3, not a fan of potential unlimited resources in aoe2 and I think this would end up being just another lobby game mode

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I get your point about the unlimited resources but two things:
First: Unlimited gold is already an option in team games due to trading therefore I would like to know your opinion on how my idea compares to that.
Second: In my opinion my suggested idea would not mean unlimited resources, since you would have to spent resources on units in order to be able to defend the trade route. You would generally speaking spent more resources than you would earn. But the trade route would still give you an small economic advantage for the late game while it would give players an incentive to avoid infinite turtling.

My suggested idea would mean that players have to protect the trade route with military units. Giving players total control over the building of the trade route would mean, that it would simply be late game trading with additional resources. I think it could be a compromise, if players have the option to determine where the trade route should start but its length would be predetermined by the map size. Meaning players would not be able to simply avoid enemies by building the trade route behind their own walls.

What would make me excited about this kind of idea would be a “first to bank 10,000 gold”* or similar target. You have to create a trade cart that contains/costs say 1000 gold, then escort it to the market. If it makes it to the market you have banked 1000 gold. Do it 10 times and you win. Send all 10 at once for risky but fast win.

Of course the more you’re winning the less resources you’re putting into military and thus gives the enemy a chance to come back.

  • actual figures should be tested and balanced”