Trading Bonus for China vs Mongols

I’m under the impression that the Mongols currently have a “Silk Road” trading bonus (please correct me if I’m wrong) — but in my opinion this bonus makes much more sense with the Chinese, especially the Tang dynasty. Making a trade bonus unique to the Tang dynasty also encourages a more nonlinear playstyle in terms of the dynasty progressions, especially since the Tang dynasty is currently so… bland. Another idea could be to give the Tang dynasty a monk bonus, since Buddhism flourished during the Tang dynasty.

This is also a good suggestion. In the game, the setting of the Tang Dynasty is too bad and useless.

They don’t have a Silk Road trading bonus, they just get to produce traders faster and at lower cost - IF they build the Silver Tree landmark.
The civs with trading bonuses are the french, rus and I think abbasids.
But none of them are called “Silk Road”

Name doesn’t matter. All is for balance.

A very well known example is that Chinese in aoe2 doesn’t have block printing technology which is historically wrong.

After all those years, they finally get this technology at the cost of redemption. Actually it is a debuff for Chinese civ! So if every civ has their own feature and none is too weak, the names of those features are not too important.