Translation errors in Latin American spanish localization on new DLC

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  • GAME BUILD #: 101.101.61591.0 8647032
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10
  • Localization: Latin American Spanish

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There are some errors in this localization regarding the content of the last update and DLC. I will be listing the ones I’ve found so far and the proposed sentences to fix

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play the game using the Latin American spanish translation
    2a. Start a game in Skirmish mode and click the button to choose civ
    2b. Go to the campaign section and go to the section of the campaigns from last DLC (India)
    2c. Go to the tech tree of the new civs


:point_down: What was SUPPOSED to happen if the bug you encountered were not present?
I will attach the proposed translation next to the images in the below section

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For some reason, the names of all new civs are preceded by the article “Los” (“the” in english). This looks really bad and almost looks like machine translated (and makes sorting by name useless xD)

Proposed solution: remove the “Los” in all instances

Hindustanis castle unique tech is translated as “Gran vialidad principal”. This term means nothing, it’s like calling the tech “Great generic avenue”. Also looks machine translated.
Civilization bonus “Puede construir caravasares en Imperial” lacks the “Edad” before “Imperial”

Proposed solution: In english the unique tech is called “Grand Trunk Road” and the correct term for this should be “Ruta del Gran Tronco” or “Ruta de la Gran Trompa”
Civilization bonus: “Puede construir caravasares en la Edad Imperial”

In the campaigns section, bengalis campaign description shows the wrong term “bengalís” (lacks the e after the i)

Proposed solution: “En esta campaña, jugarás como los bengalíes”

In the britons tech tree, the unique tech “Yeomen” is called “Hidalgo”. Looks like there is a confusion between some noble system from Iberia called “Hidalgos” and the proper english term. Also the box shows the old translation “Voluntarios”

Proposed solution: The original/untranslated “Yeomen” or the old translated one “Voluntarios”

In the third scenario of dravidians campaign, in the objectives “Gran carruaje” is badly translated as “Gran carro”

Proposed solution: use the correct term “Gran Carruaje”

The “Imperial camel” description says “Una rápida unidad anticaballería única de India”. Looks machine translated using the old text from Indians

Proposed solution: “Una rápida unidad anticaballería única indostaní”

These are not errors per se, but should be checked for consistency

In the campaigns section, hindustanis campaign description uses the correct and alternative term “indostanos”.

Proposed solution: Just like “Borgoñeses/Borgoñones”, choose one (“indostaníes”) for uniformity

The “Imperial camel” is called “Jinete de camello imperial” and “Camello imperial” on different ocassions

Proposed solution: Choose one (“Camello Imperial”) for uniformity

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  • No need for save file, only the images provided before

That happens in the Brazilian but only for Gurjaras (who are called “os gurjares”)

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Similar problem in Simp. Chinese.

@IkoKnight8151 please have a look?

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No love for non English languages :pensive:


Thanks, we are now tracking these issues :sparkles:

  • Los + civilizaciĂłn
  • Gran vialidad principal
  • “En esta campaña, jugarás como los bengalĂ­es”
  • Hidalgos y voluntarios
  • Jinete de camello imperial Indio

I dont find the last issue, where is it called Jinete Imperial?


Hi, thanks for addressing this.

The last one is in the hindustanis tech tree. The “Camello Imperial” (imperial camel rider) is called “Jinete de camello imperial” in the hindustanis civ description and in the description of the unique unit. While the icon is called “Camello Imperial”.
Like I said it’s just a minor thing of being consistent with the names used: “Camello”->“Camello con armadura”->“Camello Imperial”
The unit description is the same as the other reported problem of “Una rápida unidad anticaballería única de India”, while it should say “Una rápida unidad anticaballería única indostaní”

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I’ll take the chance to point out that wild camels are called “cameleiro” like Camel Riders, in the Brazilian Portuguese translation. The correct would be “Camelo”.

Hi again ~

Thanks @RatcicleFan and @Hectornauta , we are now tracking the cameleiro and Jinete de camello imperial issues!

Oh. I don’t know if you’re involved in the AoE3 translation, but monitor lizards are incorrectly called “lagarto de monitoramento” there. It should be “lagarto monitor”.