Translation frequency limit

When translating some of the recent comments on here I came a cross this error and was wondering why there’s a limit on how frequently you can translate comments 11


Yep i had the same issue.
And also why cant we see flagged posts anymore?


Had the same issue as well.
It’s so stupid. Why should we have to wait when we’re trying to read posts that aren’t in a language we understand?

I also despise this. I asked the question before, in an unrelated thread, and I couldn’t get a concise reason as to why exactly the company that hosts these forums implemented such a change. “This post has been flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden,” my ass.


@DodoNotDoDo, you seem like the person who is probably best suited to deal with this, are you able to remove the limit on how frequently people can use the translator tool?

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I’ve doubled the limit, which should hopefully be enough.


Just in case you are interested, I told him that if the game made him feel bad, he should stop playing, that he should free himself, and he replied that he hasn’t played since months ago and he only came here to troll


Thank you I was about to make the same comment…

BTW the rest of his spam comments were about Argentinian Politics, just ranting, nothing interesting or informative.