Translation in Chinese error on Dehli's landmark "Tower of Victory"

Its help_text translation in Chinese has a bit problem: the translation now is “在胜利之塔、清真寺和伊斯兰学院的影响范围内生产步兵,可将步兵攻击速度提高20”, while the correct translation should be “在胜利之塔、清真寺和穆斯林学塾的影响范围内生产步兵,可将步兵攻击速度提高20%”.
The translation for “Madrasa” should be “穆斯林学塾” as it is in the villager’s build list, instead of “伊斯兰学院”
Also the translation now lacks a “%” in the end of the text.

Thank you for reporting @Hageln9364! I’ll get this over to the localization team. Much appreciated!