Translation mistakes in Bohemian tech tree in Latin American Spanish localization

The Bohemian tech tree in the Latin American localization has many mistakes:
1- The first bonus refers to the Blacksmith as “herreros” (blacksmith, the profession) instead of “herrería” (blacksmith, the building).
2- The Hand Canoneer is called “cañonero de mano” instead of “artillero manual”, which is the unit’s official name in Spanish. Also, cañonero de mano is simply wrong.
3- The spearman (lancero) is misspelled as “lanzero”.
4- The word “minería” (mining) is misspelled as “mineria”. It has the wrong accentuation (this symbol is missing: ´)
5- The Hussite Reforms tech refers to Monastery upgrades as “actualizaciones” (updates) instead of the correct term which is “mejoras” (upgrades). Somehow, this mistake is not present in the tech’s description.

Not to mention the Polish tech tree wasn’t translated at all…

The Spanish translations have countless mistakes across all Age games. What is wrong with your translator, Microsoft? Does he not care about consistency? Is he a low budget translator? Why does no one check for spelling mistakes?

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