Transparency mods: how do you get rid of the invisible trash around minimap and other areas?

I’m using the transparent mod and bigger minimap mod and I had to change it so I can see the invisible area that can’t be clicked because I keep clicking on it to move units or build but nothing happens. It causes many misclicks and wastes time. It also takes up so much space, including the invisible area on top of the screen where the useless bar would normally be. Is there a way to completely delete the hud interface so I can just click through everything except buttons? I don’t actually need any hud, no hud would still show selected unit stats, and I could click through everything. I’ll release the mod for it later if someone can tell me how to do it.

you probably can’t, its an overlay even if there are no UI/panel over it, it still has size of panel which prevent in game action. clicking on complete invis panel will still mean you clicked on the panel.

besides, if you were able to click there, what happens if you wish to click on mini map or click on queue to cancel queued units.

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Well the Maximum Advantage UI moves the minimap to the left and you can click on the right where the minimap would be, though there’s still the giant area around the minimap. I’d want to be able to click on the rhombus shaped minimap to use it, but still be able to issue commands around the rhombus and buttons.

And you already can click through the unit queue area, but when units are queued there, the buttons work normally, so that area already works the way I want. Anything that’s a useful button/function should be clickable.

you can click through the opaque area? thats nice didnt think it was possible. well now that its possible maybe actually worth looking into it. if you find out let us know thanks!

Sorry, I thought you meant the top left queue. No, you can’t click through the opaque, but if it was possible I assume it would work the same as the top left in that you could still cancel production if it was there, and click through if it’s not.