Transports upgraded (?)

Somehow I don’t happen to remember that old AOE 2 transports were able to transport more than 10 units. I’ve seen that transports in AOE 2 DE can garrison up to 20 people.

Was this always like this? Or was there some sort of change in AOE 2 HD or DE?

You could before if you researched dry dock.

Dark age/Standard unit = 5 units
After researching ‘Careering’ (castle age)= (+5) 10 units
After researching ‘Dry Dock’ (imperial age) = (+10) 20 units

Not all civs get dry dock, so you don’t always have access to 20 capacity transports

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And the Saracens’ transp-ships carry even more, they got a civ bonus affecting the ship capacity


Maybe I just didn’t play with that before, o remembered the max occupation on AOE 1

And I had no idea about Saracens having that bonus. Thanks!