Trash ram


It could be great to have a trash ram (cost wood and food).

Trunk Ram (a man who carry a tree trunk)
Cost 80 of wood and 40 of food
HP 50
Arrow shield 3
Sword shield 1
Attack 1 against every unit
Attack against wood building 100 (building who cost only wood)
Attack against siege and building 25

Where there is a 1vs1 and the game is too long, there is no more gold. The game take a lot of time to finish. All siege unit who help to destroy building isn’t build easily. The better player take a lot of time to go through the ennemy city. Building cost nothing to build (only wood) and it’s very long to destroy them.
If to have a trash ram doesn’t seem a good idea, could you add a bonus to ram against wood only building. Actually with a ram take a lot of time to destroy a mining camp or stuf like this. It’s not efficient to use ram against trash building. They are moving too slow to be efficient. If the attack of ram is x2 against wood building it could be fair.

Actual ram are good against arrow unit and defense building(castle, tower and wall)
trash ram will be good against trash building.

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Only if they made a new civ.Siege units should also never be Trash, as that would be highly abusable.

It’s not abusable if they are not powerful against what ram are use for.

the militia line is essentially what the trash ram equates to (in design) a cheap anti building unit

i like the idea of a log carrier though! they could give it to a meso race (surprise AOE3) like they gave flamin camels to tatars (whom i now love)

You can sell wood and food for gold. Siege is supposed to cost gold to affect their appearance in the map. If you can’t afford them, you can’t afford them. Or if you can, you get them and buy rest of your units as trash.