Treasure Guardian AI improved as per bot

AoE 3
The Title says it all,
I believe having Treasure Guardians of skill level dependent on AI-difficulty you set before game begins or using a reference model based on active Players’ Home City Levels would enable the treasure giardians to be less… simple minded to veteran players.

A typical challenge of scouting foreign lands is the turf of hostile creatures/bandits.

At some experience level, the treasure guardians shouldnt be passive until interacted with, but rather use their own line of sight etc. It wont mean you can kite a bandit across half the map but it means they will engage a traversing explorer too close to their turf.

Same goes for your villagers who heedlessly rush through the map to set a front-base.
These are reasons why settlers didnt rush straight out into the dark forest…

As guardian minimum, treasures within a Town Center range are always ‘docile’.
Or if not docile; perhaps its fun to see treasure-guardians autotriggered on the construction of a TC. The settlers can enable a quick riddence of such a treasure while fighting within (quick unique rewards).
(Currently no treasure bunch can beat a TC), and 415 gp or alike isnt bad as conpensation.

Otherwise… please enable a mod with this :slight_smile:

In such a mod, please include a picture of 2 shadowed villages by treecrowns above them with the light creaking through some branches to illuminate the surprised, shocked and terrified face/response of a villager as he/she recoils, facing a lion pouncing at her.
A small little square image of this on the loading screen should give any player enough of a heads-up to not rage-quit first time playing the mod :stuck_out_tongue: