Treasures and Trade Routes bring them backkk!

Please, I am/was a treaty mode aoe3DE player who bought this thinking that these features would obviously be included… but no.

Treasures really helped in the early game and had nice bonuses for eco sometimes. they were very motivating. Trade routes were a nice map filler and they added a cool mechanic and resource exchange too. If you can’t make a train go across the map cause it’s too modern for the era of the game i get it, please make it a cart or a horserider with a bag i dont care but please bring these things back! (Along with treaty mode, please -.-) (do devs read this??? I hope so)

They added neutral markets, you can build trade, you got fancy donkeys with bags bringing you gold or ships.

Treaty mode I am sure will be added for custom games at some point.
Until then you can always host a game saying “30min no rush”

No fan of treasures at all, they would not fit into the balancing of this game. Certain civilizations would be highly favored (if scouts can’t collect treasures then mongols would be favored since they can create early horseman, if only age2 units could collect them civilizations like HRE would be nerfed since they normally never build cav in age2 I guess).

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but donkeys can only bring gold and they are weak, trade routes in aoe were all about defending the trade post, and at the same time allowed a balanced exchange of resources… (have u seen pros building 25 to 30 donkeys and making a parade across the map? thats so unreal, how did old civs breed so many donkeys?)

I think it’d be fair for all civ to be able to trade this way

Well in the end it is a different game, guess you will agree that such a change in game mechanic won’t ever happen. In the end this is not AoE2 or AoE3.

Trade is supposed to be weak in this game, since your job is to protect it. Same as you protect villagers.

With all due respect, these are exactly the main features I didn’t like about Age 3 (along with longbow archers and trains sharing the same scenario).
Age 4 seems to follow a path closer to Age of Mythology which was the best age in my opinion, so i am really liking it.