Treaty 40 question

Hey! I was playing treaty 40 mins today. It was 3vs3. Inca was one of our opponent. And the rule was half map but this Inca didn’t care about the rules sooooo he was inside our base the entire time with the longbow man and chimu riders. He was at our farm and factory area. I understand both of the units has a special card to go stealth but how come his artillery was there too? Cause we are convinced that there wasn’t anyone throughout the entire game till 40 misn when he decided to attack us in our base. I try to reason out but I can’t find any answers how was he able to have his arterilly in our base.

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If it was 4 light cannons maybe they researched the Stronghold Big Button and shipped it to a forward chasqui military shipment point after the treaty period. I don’t think the chasqui can be invisible though but maybe it was hidden at the edge of map or something. Also sounds like an annoying game. I hate games that go this way lol.


Towers can spot the stealth units, aren’t they?
But, anyway, sneaking before treaty ends, is not fair.