[Treaty balance] Haudenosaunee lacks wood hard. Make them justice!

As we all know, the Aztecs’ wood problem for Treaty40 was fixed months ago thanks to the age 3 card that makes all your Otontins and Coyotes to cost coin instead of wood. But Haude still didn’t receive any help.

Seeing this, I came out with this idea that will solve their wood problem in very late game, after all their collected wood in the Treaty period drains out.
If Ethiopia has this card called “Cartridge Currency”, why shouldn’t Haude receive a similar one but with wood instead of coin ? Ethiopia didn’t even needed an eco buff since their eco was already good (220-240k boom). I know Haudenosaunee can cow boom and get a good amount of coin after the Fur Trade but still, it’s annoying to buy wood from the market and there are situations when you need Kanya Horsemen and Tomahawks. Not to mention the wood needed for artillery, military buildings and remaking the walls. In a long stalemate, Haude loses eventually because of the lack of wood…



I think thats not enough, I see as better option giving them wood while working on farms, like one of african civs. But maybe this is too much since their villagers get XP too.
That farm option could fix better for aztecs since they are a farm focused civ, idk.

The easy solution for treaty games and to not ■■■■ over supremacy is give them a age 4 wood card. Thats all thats needed.

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I believe, that the haudenosaunee carpentry card, apart from its normal effects, should convert the costs of tomahawk and kanya rider from wood to gold. On the other hand, luckily for the production of buildings there is the founding ceremony in the community square. There would only be the problem of the wood necessary for technologies and artillery, but I think that with the infinite crates and the 60% of wood collection that Haudenosaunee carpentry gives you, it should be enough.
Another alternative that occurred to me is to change the large button of the Iroquois houses, which delivers 500 wood every 10 min, up to a maximum of 1500 wood, it occurred to me that it would provide you with a passive drip or something similar but with wood.


Is haudenose not farm focussed civ ?

Should convert mentlet from wood to food

Mmmm no. They are cow boom focused on treaty and they have the hardest micro caused for that huge farms (compared with other cow boomers). Aztecs get 110% bonus to farming from HC + wise women on Imperial, that is a farm focused civ.
Also doing that vills get food, wood and XP from working in a building would be too much.

So iroqi , put 15 vill on herd and 60 vill on farms , they out more vill on farm then Aztec .

How do you get 15 on herdables?? Im used to task 5 to cows and 3-4 to sheeps non-unstopping.
In a treaty game aztecs can gather a lot of more food than Hauds if they want. When I go 99 farmers (fur trade) Im in 1st place if there isnt a German player economy-wise.

Aztec has furtrade ??? , No u can’t go 99 on food as aztec , u don’t have furtrade , 8 on herds , this tell u don’t do efficient cow boom , that’s why u gather less food

Teamgames exist lol (I said when, not always)
I dont play Hauds, I dont like their dependence on wood.

Still hauda can gather more food than Aztec , team game or non team game , cow booming us 119 vill

If you like that 119 economy too much play with them. for me is one of the weakest in the game(and fewwww people play it for some reason). they have furtrade but they need tons of wood. If they focus on food for furtrade (meta) they cant gather that huge amount of wood. they have too few coin cards, after they run out of furtrade coin their economy falls quickly. You will say that “they have travois”, “they have 1500crates” or “you dont know to play if you run out of wood”. Indians spend a lot of wood, but they can get it too, same for ottos and sublime porte HC card. Being attached to use 2 units is a bad design like having Battlefield construction while you cant use it.
THEY NEED A LATEGAME SOURCE OF WOOD, all I said in my post was that giving them wood while farming would be too much cause they get already XP and food at the same time .