Treaty end game for british and how unbalanced Sweden are

I know that treaty mode is not the most popular, however it has a large and interesting player base, having some streamers always with a good amount of viewers.
Here I would like to talk about how Sweden is unbalanced, with its only ranged infantry unit having 30% range resistance with the svea card, 17 range and a 2.5 rate of fire. Two engineering school cards and a mortar mode that makes it the strongest artillery in the game. How civs like the British and Germans can combat this, if the other player can make a cannon 45% faster than you, and if you are unlucky enough, you find someone who can manage the culverines well, your game just ends. I don’t know if nerfing Sweden is the way, but definitely buffing up some other civs is necessary. In ranked matches, there is always Sweden, while other civs are extinct.
I believe that if you give a bonus to the +0.75 longbow vs heavy infantary or something that makes the redcoat more efficient against units like the carolines, the game will have more diversity and it will not just be Sweden vs. Sweden.


Try playing as the Lakota versus Sweden on treaty:

Caroleans slaughter all your cav with ease
Wakina rifles and cetan bows can’t kill caroleans + they get slaughtered by leather cannons or horse arty
No artillery to dwindle down the caroleans

Maybe you have a chance being buffed by your teepees, but Sweden just uses mortars and protects them with caroleans

And your eco drains, with Sweden making x2 as much resources as you

Yeah, something needs to be done to Sweden. I did a 1v1 using Russia versus Sweden on Orinico. Strelets can’t stand to Caroleans, so I relied heavily on horse artillery to do the killing. But he use horse artillery as well (and was good at it). Plus, he was able to get culverin superiority by being able to produce culverins faster. And to end it, I couldn’t even flank with cav due to caroleans basically being a 1-pop dragoon.

It was a hopeless matchup lol

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Sweden along with france need nerfs at present point.

however british do not need a buff, and esp longbows do not need a +0.75 multiplier vs infantry. longbows are not anti heavy infantry, their role is more multirole, longbows are:

excellent vs light cavalry (much more so than skirmishers)

good vs all infantry (will beat enemy skirmishers, and about equal muskets in straight fight)

the role of the unit is support, other units do most of the fighting while they sit behind pouring in DPS.

buffing this unit like you suggest would put them way over the edge, making them in every way better than skirmishers, which is a weakness of the British: their anti infantry is at large bad.

now if you still think that british need a buff then here are 2 good suggestions:

1 improve grenadiers anti unit dmg, perhaps slightly nerfing the anti building to keep the unit balanced.

2 improve thin red line, it is a straight up bad upgrade: 1/4 of your speed for 30 HP for musk and 40 HP for grenadiers? in most cases that wont even save you from 1 shoot, i do not take this upgrade EVER. it is a straight up nerf to your units actual capability to fight anything, if it was 15% dmg or if the nerf to speed wasn’t so over the top then i might actually think it was a good upgrade but atm it isn’t.

but really Britain dont need buffs right now, their eco is a monster.

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I agree with some points, but I think that in some confrontations, you just can’t win. Even though the longbow is a support unit, the redcoat still loses, and ugly, to the carolean. I know the economy is strong, but there is no economy that holds an army that cannot kill a Carolinian. This imagining that you are still superior in culv war, the mass production of Sweden still wins. Btw, Sweden has a good economy too, not so big, but still one of the best in the game.
Maybe if the grenadiers were at least more pop efficient, it would be worth it, but unfortunately, it still doesn’t.

I do agree with sweden needing a nerf but france is fine.
They have a slightly better early game with the 12/10 but most civs will outscale them anyway midgame

One thing that keeps haunting me: why don’t they just simply make Carolean a musketeer with higher melee? Why make it a dragoon?

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france definitely need a nerf.

keep in mind that a nerf to france could easily just target the super late game/treaty, nerfs to the skirmishers cards would do a lot (45% HP boost is a bit much, wilderness warfare is an objectively amazing card).

france is about as strong as sweden in treaty, they are both considered OP and tier 1 (the last tier 1 civ being ports, but they are honestly quiet a lot worse than france and sweden)

Well I dont play treaty to be fair, so i wouldn’t be able to argue with you on that.

i mean even in 1 vs 1 rating france seem to score fairly well.

france was for years the objective king of treaty, with DE they got nerfed but relatively lightly compared to ports who got hammered in multiple ways.

all france lost with DE was the insta spam gendarmes and 10% of their imperial stats, all it did was punish the absolute worst french players who didn’t realize they had the best skirmisher and art in the game. france still has an amazing trade eco, they still have 20 more pop and they still have the best units in the game.