Treaty improvement suggestion for Aztec Hero

Currently the Aztecs are one of the most treaty-challenged civilizations. Also, in treaty, as opposed to another Warchief civ like Lakota, the Aztec’s Hero’s aura provides little value. For reference, it grants 3x experience when those affected by the aura get kills, but in treaty the HC shipments come quite fast, and most games with Aztecs, you’re queued up 10+ shipments.

This may be a a bit rad, but I read recently how ‘back in the day’, Aztec warriors would bring home captives for sacrifice, and that warrior would get receive the honor of consuming the sacrificed victim (calm down boys, different era).

In this game, there are several technologies (research or home city) that grant the player a fraction of resources of opponent unit or buildings destroyed. I was wondering how the community/developers felt about adding something like this to the Aztec Hero’s aura, that it would grant a fraction of food (since cannibalism) for each unit killed or something? This could be added as an age-4 HC card, or an addition to like age-5 for the Tribal Council “The Chief” or something (which would finally give some diversity to build orders). Also, yes, I’m aware that food would be the least valuable for the Aztecs considering their gather rates, I’d prefer wood since the Aztecs don’t have any passive wood source for treaty games, but, minor attempt for historical accuracy.

What do ya’ll think?

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Im agree that WC need a bit of buff at lategame, he hasnt got a range attack, his special attack has to be unlocked by tribal council and has to walk to the battlefield. About aura, yes they need more, I think that wood reward is the way to go but it has to be stronger that ethiopia one for being area-restricted.

Not agree about age5 age up option, they need the wise women’s boost.