Treaty | Map build restrictions


Can devs implement the “Half map” rule into Treaty ? It would make the game mode more fair in this way, stopping some people to rush near your gates before minute 40 ends. In my opinion, the only units that should be allowed to cross the half-map line are the explorers. Also it would prevent the opponent to steal your natural resources (in particular the ones that are close to the half-map line).
Another thing that would be nice is to expand a bit the area within you are allowed to build stuff.

Thanks !


This is actually one of the reasons I stopped playing treaty after a few games(team games), the radius in witch you can build is rather small and if one teammate places his buildings inefficiently, I can’t find any room to build, if it was half map, however there would be considerably more space

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As someone who almost only exclusively plays treaty I think this would be too much. Maybe a slight increase to radius would be fine but definitely not half map. As for only explorers crossing past half map I kind of like that idea. It would help curb some cheese I see while playing casual games.

They want to make sure you cannot just close off half the map with Walls, Outposts and several buildings, which would be the result of a large Treaty build space before it ends.

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