Treaty MM needs protection

currently the treaty MM is in a poor state to put it honestly. there are several issues:

  1. people aren’t currently rated where they should be, causing games to be very unbalanced.

  2. often people either will fail to load, or leave right after loading causing teammates to lose their ELO and therefor making the the first problem worse.

  3. teammates trolling each other getting someone else to leave, and block doesn’t stop you from matchmaking into them (like this is the 1 thing block needs to do) so if you matchmake again you run a high risk of playing with the same troll again.

so there are 2 obvious solution to this:

A) block needs to actually block and not just mute, if i block people it means i dont want to play with them on my team again.

B) there needs to be some system in place to save people from ending up in a 1 vs 2 etc. scenario, esp. if you aren’t pre-teamed with them. if my team mate never loads in then i lose 30 Elo for no fault of my own.

it is really annoying to currently see my game score on 8-9 and Elo of 1114, esp. considering that at least half of those 9 loses are due to teammates failing to load or leaving before minute 5, like assuming the ELO system for this is similar to the one in ESOC for AOE3CC then i should be at like 1600+ elo in treaty. so yeah i would really like some MM protection for treaty (and perhaps supremacy as well?), what do you guys think?

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I share your frustration when it comes to outcome of games you supposedly have no control over.

However, everyone of us has to deal with the same problems and using phrases like “i should be at this elo” quickly come across as entitled.

If so many of your losses come from “bad/troll” or disconnecting team mates and it frustrates you enough to make a forum post, maybe it’s time to play 1v1’s? Maybe at least until the devs fix more of the stability and connection issues. That’s what i’m doing anyway.

treaty doesn’t make sense for 1 vs 1 as a game mode, its inherently a team game mode. so while this might be a solution for rush i dont think it fits treaty much.

i know it comes off as maybe slightly entitled but eh, the point is i want fun and fair matches, i dont imagine its gotta be fun being in a game where 1 guy has more than twice the score of anyone on your team.

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You might not load into the game giving you a loss regardless if it’s 1v1 or team just by chance. You might load into the game but then the game goes out of sync instantly at start and everyone receives a loss. Both happen pretty frequently especially since the most recent update.