Treaty Using Hot Air Balloon to Revive Explorer, Exploit?

Curious for others thoughts on this…

I mostly play treaty games, I do not do any scummy stuff like hide a villager or Explorer in the back behind enemy walls. However, there are obviously players that do play dirty like this and you have to plan accordingly when you see it. It has happened twice now where a player has placed his explorer in the back of the map behind walls before treaty is over… No big deal right? Build Outpost, kill the explorer, done! … Or so I thought…

It seems that some players know that the hot air balloon will revive Explorers, so after treaty ends and we’re battling away he sends his Hot Air Balloon down in my base, revived his Explorer and immediately builds two blockhouses against the edge of the map and before I know it, there are 150 Helbadier and Musketeer units reeking havoc on our base. (He’s Russia so it’s instant) Obviously it’s hard to recover from this and if you don’t notice as soon as it happens you probably wont recover.

I usually try to box “hidden” vills and explorers in, then kill them with outpost so they have to ransom, but sometimes you can’t build to the edge where they are hiding.

I don’t think you should be able to revive explorers with Hot Air Balloons. What do you think?

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Sounds like an exploit or even a bug to me. Best report it so it may be fixed the next patch.

You’ve always only required LOS to revive a fallen hero. This is neither a bug nor exploit.

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hahahaha so the hot air balloon guy calls the explorer to wake up flying in the sky. that’s nice.

This bug can be really annoying in the campaign missions where you get LOS on mission target and when your Hero dies there he will be revived again and again.
Happened to me more than once.

seems odd to me, a man from a balloon jumping down to pick up a explorer every time he gets shot down, seems fair especially when someone does it when they hide him in your base in treaty and the explorer is Russian and can build block houses

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I get that what you’re saying that “technically” this is not a bug or an exploit, because all you need is LOS, but I would argue that having this ability and using it this way in a treaty game undermines the very premise of playing a treaty match.

Will also point out, that in Legacy, you needed a card to get Hot Air Balloon. In DE you can get advanced balloon when aging.

Can Portuguese explorers revive each other using the spyglass ability?

Interesting question, I will have to try this.

I don’t think it’s cheating. Because they missed the opportunity to scout your base and find out your troops to rescue their explorers.

I don’t understand what you are saying here…

Sorry, I am not an English speaker, so I am using a translator to speak English. What I want to say is that they missed the opportunity to scout the enemy’s camp to save the explorers.

I see. What I am saying in this case, is they are purposely hiding their explorer in the back of the base against the edge of the map. They are not trying to explore or scout, the sole purple is to build in the enemy base after treaty is over.

I recommend erecting narrow walls around that explorer to prevent it.

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Perhaps you didn’t read what I wrote above. On Some maps you can do that, Others you can’t. Sometimes your TC is to far away to reach that area until after the treaty is over.

If you want to be a real jerk, simply wall in their explorer and when they fly over, he is indefinitely stuck.

This helps you more than if they just ransom the explorer while it’s dead in your base for 100 coin (which doesn’t seem much in a treaty game).