Treaty40 Sweden how to defeat them?

I play a lot of treaty40games, and would like ask some opinions:

Is Sweden overpowered on treaty40? if so, why?

And how to defeat them? Best unit combos/civ against it?

Do you have a favorite civ you usually play?

I play Russia and Portugal a lot. I am not an expert player by any means. In a treaty game, I have a harder time countering with Russia than I do with Ports. Caroleans so annoying. I especially find the mortor buff that sweeds get unnecessary.

Most do the Food/Coin swap card. If playing as Russians I usually try to rush in with Opris and at least try to wipe out factories so they drain. Doesn’t always work though.

I am curious to hear others opinions too.

I play mainly with france and germans.

The mortar card is really annoying, beeing able to kill my skirmishers from outside my culverin range

I think it’s Sweden’s army comp what makes them too strong. Their eco is really good still but at least comparable to other strong ecos like France’s.

Caroleans being dragoon and musketeer in one unit but trading well vs their counter (mainly skirmishers) because of their high HP (for 100 res and 1 pop) and 30% range resist while still having decent range backed by ridiculous mortars that basically nullify any infantry heavy civ are just too much. They even have the highest HP hussars, even higher than otto’s and brit’s who have them as royal guard units just for good measure.
I remember France being the main offender of the “forbidden” combination of strong eco + strong units for the longest time but Swedes take it to another level in my opinion.

If the skill level is equal, i think the best chance you have is to run and try not to straight heads-up fight them for too long. Otherwise you basically have to maintain culverine superiority so you have a chance to deal with their mortars and can have a lot of horse artillery out for their caroleans.

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What are you talking about the mortar bombard vs units is 32 range and culv is 34?

The problem is that mortars hit infantry that usually stands in front of your culvs which forces the culvs further up where they can be attacked more easily even when they have 2 more range in theory.
Sometimes that effect is already noticeable versus bombards, heavy cannons and rockets who “only” have 28 range.

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Exactly! And is really hard to advance ground. You build mortars and is like 15less pop dealing dmg to units, while their mortars are part of the combo

Seems we were right on the mortar problem, they got nerfed, 2 less range seems a minor change but makes it a lot easier to reach with culvs.
And the dmg from 50 to 40 is huge nerf (less 20% dmg) but seems fair

Yes. Thank goodness! It was a fair adjustment for sure.