Trebuchet damage

Today I was doing english mastery quest and during the game I have spent quite some time hanging around with trebuchets trying to kill something. I wasnt able to find any related bug report except already closed ones, so I will add my videos here. Maybe it will help you with testing.

I have been playing english with shattering projectiles active, so it should have been better against units due to bigger area effect. According to trebuchet stats I should have been able to do 150 dmg to a unit and according to Shattering projectiles info there should not be dmg reduction in that improved area.



“Aoe issue is known and being worked on.” : Impossible to hit some siege units with English trebuchet

@Ariteles, can you confirm that the issue is still occurring in the current version (5.0.9369.0) ?

Wait, this is a bug? I do not play English but I’ve experienced the same (I mostly play HRE). I have had a (team) game on King of the Hill. My keep was near the sacred site in the middle and the enemy had two trebs slinging at my keep. I, in turn, had a treb of my own slinging shots at their trebs. Note how the trebs were deployed and thus stationary.

My treb did not do damage on these for most shots. I figured simply that trebs have a high chance of missing their target if their target is not a building. In the sense that the mechanic is simply that: if target is not equal to building then chances to miss is so much percent. Not as in projectiles land on an area and whatever is in that area takes so much damage.

This is not much different from posted before, but it simply extends beyond the English faction. It is a treb issue, not an English issue then.

Yeah, it seems that they are regardless of being hit by projectile or not if the target is not a building. It seems that there is some kind of percentages that the target would be hit or not so even you hit target with projectile they do not being damaged. but the possibility of being damaged is only decided by the percentages.

Hi @Ariteles, This is a known issue which is under investigation. I’m closing this topic because it is a duplicate.