Trebuchet Tribune letter bugged out

My Trebuchet Tribune letter is bugged out.

I clicked almost every link / missing photo graph and click here to view online and none of them works. I really want to see this new trebuchet tribune.

Try this link here: Age of Empires - Trebuchet Tribune (

Edit: Everything in the newsletter was previously announced, so I have no issue posting the URL here.

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It probably because your email client blocks the content. Should check the email client settings to trust this sender.

Please add date stamps on the posts on the letters published. Also, it might be a good idea to enhance the user experience and add a bit more CSS polish. Like a favicon, adding an icon to indicate that the buttons will open on a new window, rounded borders and consistent text colours/ bolds ext.

Try switching off strict tracking protection, whenever a site breaks for me that’s usually the issue.