Trebuchets masterie - problem

Hi guys, i tried to achieve it in bot game, because i think killing 20 man with trebutchets are quite hard to achieve in pvp game. So… Even in bot game, AI was moving whenever i tried to target it (from long distance), after some villagers/military units died, there was nothing to kill.

Can i achieve this masterie when i play with someone in my group (custom game)?

It states custom games for Test of Strength, so I would test it that way, as this mastery was the worst I completed. Especially as the upgrade is bugged and does nothing.

I played easy AI, crippled their eco and had like 30 trebuchets build and then I just microed maa to hold them in place while firing the trebuchets. It still took ages. So if you can do this with a player, definitely go for it.

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I did it by redoing the last English campaign mission. There you can get trebutchets and the upgrade. Then when you move out to clear the French camps, there are just dozens of units standing still. As long as you use a scout to get vision at max range you should be able to easily get all the kills you need. You should also put it on story difficulty so that you can just finish the first part in a few minutes.

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You can target the AI’s villagers as they repair buildings. I had the most luck with destroying their landmark TC (they had another TC to build more vills), and once they think the coast is clear they will send villagers to fix it. You can kill them while they try to fix it, you can do this over and over. I also seriously damaged their wall towers, and they seemed to prioritize fixing those too, so I picked off more like that.

Took a while though.

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For me it worked with a skirmish vs intermediate A.I. What worked for me was:

  1. Dominate the A.I. first and have him half dead (but try to not kill too many of his villagers yet).
  2. Of course make sure you take the trebuchet upgrade (although it doesn’t seem to do much).
  3. Use the ground attack of multiple trebuchets at multiple locations where the A.I. villagers want to go, e.g. right in front of drop-off buildings or towncenters.
  4. You can destroy a landmark of the A.I. (not the TC bc you want him to keep producing villagers for you to kill) and if you’re lucky he will keep trying to repair it. You can then put a trebuchet ground attack on the location where the A.I. keeps sending villagers to repair it.

Hi guys,

can masteries be achieved playing custom games with AI?

yes, also experienced this issue.