Trebuchets not moving from castle and automatically attacking

I just starting playing Definitive Edition AoE2. I’ve noticed something weird, when I create trebuchets at a castle and set gather point to a target (for example an enemy castle), I get a message saying the target’s out of range (almost as if the Castle is trying to target the enemy castle using its arrows, but can’t because it’s too far away).

In AoE2 (2013), i.e. HD version on Steam, the trebuchet would emerge from the Castle after being created and would then move towards the enemy Castle until it got within range, then unpack itself, and start attacking the enemy castle automatically.

Has this feature been removed from Definitive Edition?

I’ve noticed that when I set gather point to the enemy castle now (in Definitive Edition), the trebuchet rolls up all the way to the base of the enemy castle instead of getting to range and then attacking!!

Is there a way to fix this, so that trebs behave like the ones from the HD edition, or has this entirely been altered in DE?