Tributing units to allies?

What would people think about the idea of being able to ‘tribute’ or change control of units to an ally?

It’d only affect team games, and it might be a way to help a player boom back into the game if you could gift them a bunch of vils rather than deleting your own vils for pop space.

I’m not sure it’d make any difference to be able to swap control of military, especially if it worked like monks, where you just have your own upgrades on the units even if you swapped it another player, so it didn’t get any new added bonuses. Maybe it’d useful to split off some of the microing tasks if fighting on multiple fronts.

Anyway I thinking more along the lines of vils, fishing ships, maybe trade carts, thing that help someone reboost their eco.

It might be a bit too unusual to get implemented, it’s just something interesting to think about.

The idea sounds great on paper but i am not sure how easily you could implement this type of change.

either way i’m not really a fan of the change, as it could greatly increase the length of team games.

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It was an idea considered by Ensemble and rejected by them. Sandy Petersen has an old Q&A on AoKHeaven where he mentions it (it’s somewhere in the Ask Sandyman series if you want to look for it). They didn’t want to create a player that essentially “doesn’t play”, and spends the entire game slinging units to other players.

Consider how slinging resources is such a strong TG strategy and most tournaments nowadays either ban or heavily nerf it.


That’s an interesting point, the comparing with slinging resources is fair.

Might be a more efficient use of resources to just make good units and transfer control to an ally and fully focus on walling and eco.

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