Trigger for Return of Roman scenario editor

I hope there is triggers for Return of Rome. I want to play CBA, and other crazy maps scenarios. AOE1’s scenario editor is lackluster in that regard.

I think the very first map I will make will be some super easy 4v4 michi map or something. With a big wall with towers and lots of trees and resources. If onagers can’t cut down trees, I will just make an opening in the middle.

Return of Rome is entirely built on AOE2 and they made new campaigns from the ground up, in no small part because AOE2 campaigns have a high quality we’ve come to expect, to which the barebones AOE1 campaigns have no chance to compare (Rome already had 3 full campaigns in AOE1, they didn’t need a new campaign for Trajan if it didn’t come with a large quality upgrade). The new campaigns will be voiced, that alone means they will have triggers.

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