Triggers at map editor

Hi, i’m a senior map Developer and i wanna understand few things.
Firstly, as i see it, we cannot share our maps unless we provide 3rd party Download link to our maps fans to get the map files from external source which it pitty…

Secondly, as for triggers we cannot Hide them or Lock access to none owner maps?
at older versions on AOE we could Delete names of triggers and they wont be accessible if you try to load it and make changes so i wonder why here it was changed.

thirdly, is there a way to make the Triggers file as an XML Exportable/importable so we could create our own tools to make Trigger editing faster and time waste free?

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any mod replay please?

The second point is really important.
Authors may not want others to edit his map.
Could publisher make that we can set a password for a map?

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