Triggers for all players

Hi, first of all thank zou for all the scenario editor new trigger featires. i am having a blast tinkering on my scneario. I can do stuff not possible before that i wanted to do for years.

Here 3 suggestions:

  1. You have added more trigger effects to change techs, like cost, description, etc. And i love it. But one thing i notice is missing. Change Tech Icon. It exists for units, could you add it for techs too. When i use prevous unused techs like enable cows or fortified palisaded, or stuff like that and make these researchable then thez have no icon. Just black. A trigger to set one would be great!

  2. In old aoe 2 there was trigger studio. I mainly used it for its copy trigger for all players feature. In DE we got the copy button inside the editor which is really great. I am still spending hours thought just copying 8 times and adjusting so for all players.
    Is there really no better way. Like i want to change object cost of a unit. CUrrenly I need 8 triggers effects, one for each player. With more complicated scnearios this really gets out of hand.
    I would love if this could be improved, either by giving a tool to copy or making it that any player gaia effects target all players.

  3. Moving triggers from one scneario to another. SOmething like a export triggers to file, and then import trigger from file and let that file be human readable so we can edit it in a text editor. Maybe this can be done rouglty with the new trigger call functionscript. havent leant how to use this yet.

Thanks for all the improvements!

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