Troble with AoE3 installation Windows 10


Hello community,
I want to play Aoe3 again, so I decided to reinstall the game after one year.
The installation with the cd ran without any problem, but after that when I have to put on CD1 again to complete installation, I got two error messages:

Setup could not find GameuxInstalllHelper.dll. Games Explorer cannot be integrated/removed
Setup could not find FirewallInstallHelper.dll. Games Explorer cannot be integrated/removed

It said “Installation completed”, but I can’t start the game.
I hope that you have ideas how to fix this problem.

Best Regards


Maybe this link can help you to solve your problem.


Hello PCS70,
thanks for your help.
Unfortunately I don’t have the addon for AoE3, so I can’t apply this fix to my problem.
But is there a similar data with the same function as in the addon? So than I can try this fix.

Best Regards


You must buy this game originally from this website on the link at top right corner of the screen if youre intrested.


Yes, you can indeed. It’s the same principle, just lookup the correct files and extract them. And don’t forget to install the latest patches.


He bought the original if is that you mean.


Yesterday, I found the solution for my problem.
I installed the game in the windows compatibility mod for Windows Vista Service Pack 2.
But after that, I got a new problem. The game doesn’t start correctly. Nothing happend and it stayed in the backround of the task manager. The solution for that was the installation of the current patch from this website.

Now it works fine!


Remember this one. When installing old CD-ROM games on Windows 10, always close the autorun and launch the setup.exe or other installer as administrator from the medium directly.