Troll strategies that would get you in trouble

What do you think would clarify as trolls strategies that would get you reported in ranked games? It would not be too bad if was a non ranked lobby game. You could potentially avoid being reported. However, when you combine throwing insults at players, then things get even worse. If you have a Youtube Channel and make videos of yourself and your team trolling players, it gets even worse.

Staying in dark age (the whole game), and building nothing but militia. 1v1 this is not too bad. But in a team game it is kind of ridiculous. I wonder if an entire team tried this strategy would it even work and also if they would end up reported if somehow it was viable?

Going all in Sicilian TC (entire team the same civ) Dropping in a team game. 4 premade team strategy. In a lobby this is not bad, but for ranked gaming this is bad sportsmanship. It could be funny once or twice, but if you are a pre-made team and you keep doing this you are going to inflame lots of people. Particularly if they are of a low skill level when compared to you. This will get you reported. The Persian TC Dropping strategy is a similar vein. An entire team does the person ###### strategy.

Making a massive fleet of ships on a small lake and just camping there. Again this can be even more potent when an entire team does it. The strategy is to try bore the enemy to death while you wait there on the lake. This particular strategy can be utilized on oasis. You can’t actually win the game in this scenario but you can just annoy your opponent to the point they resign.

I used to play Portuguese full turtle, get 4-5 feitorias, keep walling, keep building bombard towers. And never attack until the opponent just resigns. While this strat has been nerved severly. I feel it could be mentioned here.

I find it ridicolius that poplord got banned because he plays of meta.

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I’m pretty sure it was more that he’s just really toxic than that he plays off-meta.


Incredible how some buy any bullshit a player says to pretend a ban was not for his shitty behaviour. Come on, watch his videos…


I faced this strat once in a 2v2 and we laughed hard. Sicilians TC don’t get any bonus except built faster, so how can this ever work? Maybe if you had only one woodline that’s denied, even then you just go for wood elsewhere. You can never lose vs this if you keep repairing your TC.

This is actually OP in closed maps. A lot of civs simply have no answer to an army of organ gun + bbc + halb. I would have to kill the Portuguese player early at all cost.

The problem is that nobody want to really change the situation and fix the rules. Some behaviors can be clearly wrote in the rules so that we can ban these people without mercy.
I agree with most of your points but some of them are questionable.

There is no requirement for playing in TG , and the moderators didn’t draw a line of which elo can’t spam militia. I have seen real noobs spam militia and spearman, even worse , quickplay games are usually not balanced so people call each other noob / troll very often.

premade teams should never be allowed to play against solo players. It might be fine in high elo games which I have never played, but premade vs solo in mid - low elo games is disaster. There are always surprise , extreme attack on a certain player so it is really hard to deal with as a solo player, nearly guaranteed bad experience. The worst thing is that you will receive 4+ reports if they are not happy with you.

The spy tech isn’t enough. I think we need a way to buy victory in this case.

If he plays off meta and maintain the same elo as normal then that’s his achievement. In reality, his off meta strat is way worse than normal play. He didn’t play off meta to win, but to troll the opponent, make opponent game not fun, frustrating, while having fun himself. (Or create content). That’s bad behaviour.

Evidence is his elo. He is 1700+ in 1v1, but he only play troll strats in team and his team elo is like 1200…that’s smurfing. He can only reach 1200 1300 with those troll strats but he still choose to play those strats, in order to make fun of opponent, wasting time, and create content for himself…

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no. don’t watch his videos, don’t reward his toxicity with attention. the clown will stop dancing when nobody pays attention


Off meta wasnt the issue. He in general is a toxic player with a toxic attitude. That is what him got banned.


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